Hello lockdown world!

Interesting times. I have been cooped up long enough at home that I am now becoming a different person. This new person likes Fifa. Not only that, he is good at it.

He cooks. Much better and in much more variety, starting out from re-creating all the fast food items that are not currently available, now to making them much healthier and creating new dishes he would never have done before.

He also has an indoor workout routine, nothing too fancy, no tools or other gizmos, but more exercise more consistently than anything in the last few years. He takes joy in it. No, he takes pride in it. It makes him happy to know that he is taking better care of himself.

He still plays games, Magic: The Gathering will never truly fall to the wayside, and being the DM for his Dungeons and Dragons group brings more happiness on a weekly basis than almost anything else.

He talks to his family more, twice a week, rather than one short call on a Sunday. This is more of an appreciation thing, but then the adage is “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” How funny that more than five years in different countries didn’t enforce that, though now we are an hour away, it’s further than it has been before.

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